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About Home Loan

Loanhuts also provide Home loan to its clients for Residence and Commercial purchase.

Home loan is amount money borrowed from a financial institution against some mortgage at a given rate. We offer Home loans at attractive rates so that our client has the financial support to own its dream house.

On the other hand we also offer loans for businessmen to purchase the property of the business for example, Office, storehouse, factory, etc so that finance is no hurdle in running the business properly.

Commercial property loan is a home loan provided by Loanhuts on business property instead of private property. Commercial property loan alludes to any pay creating land that is utilized for business purposes; for instance, workplaces, retail, lodgings, etc.

At the end of the day, business elements shaped for the particular reason for owning and working business land. The business substance buys business property, rents out space, and afterward gathers lease from the organizations that work inside the property. The financing for the endeavor, including the securing, improvement, and development of these properties, is practiced through business land advances.

In case of the commercial property loan we mortgage the existing factory, office, storehouse, etc of the business.

Type of properties funded under HL

  • Ready Property
  • Under Construction
  • Home extension and Renoovation
  • Plot Purchase
  • Self-construction
  • Balance Transfer
  • Top-up

Minimum loan amount – 5 lacs
Maximum loan amount – 10 crores


  • 3 years work experience continuity proof (applicant and co-applicant)
  • Appointment Letter
  • KYC (PAN, and Aadhaar) of both applicant and Co-applicant
  • 1 passport size photographs of both applicant and Co-applicant
  • Last 3-month salary slips (applicant and co-applicant)
  • Form-16 (2 years) (if available)
  • Office ID proof (both applicant and co-applicant)
  • Last 6 months bank statement (Bank statement should be updated)
  • Statement of accounts/statement of running loans


  • 2 years ITR
  • 4 years Trade license
  • KYC (PAN, and Aadhaar) of both applicant and Co-applicant
  • 1 passport size photographs of both applicant and Co-applicant
  • Last one year bank statement (Bank Statement should be updated)
  • Current account (bank statement of last one year)

Property Papers

  • Mother Deed
  • Title Deed
  • Sanction Plan
  • Khajna
  • Porcha
  • Mutation
  • Development Agreement (if applicable)
  • Property tax
  • Sale Agreement (2 copy)


  • Salaried (FOIR – 60% and in case of cash salary, FOIR – 50%)
  • Banking program (last 6 months average balance) taking the balance on 7th,14th,21st,and 28th (we don’t consider any obligation in banking program, if the same has been taken before 6 months and ITR is also not required)
  • No Income proof program (uptil 30 lacs)
  • High Equity program (40%- to be borne by bank and 60% to be borne by bank)
  • Verified Income program (FOIR – 100%)
  • Short and Sweet product (where a current account of the customer will be opened and whatever balance he maintains in the account, he’ll get the same interest credited, which we’ll charge on the loan amount). Thus, the effective ROI of the customer will reduced drastically. – For loan amount above 50 lacs

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